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Why the DCIC Exists

The DCIC was created to meet serious needs in our community. The staff, directors and volunteers of DCIC believe that when we work together to meet the real, tangible needs of people we are are obeying Christ's command to Love your neighbor as yourself.

By approaching serious issues with serious solutions in the context of a strong faith in God, the DCIC is bringing to DeKalb County a truly faith based approach to meet these needs. By feeding hungry families, teaching them God's way of managing finances, and caring for families in crisis situations, DCIC is demonstrating Christ's love and working to build healthy communities in DeKalb County.

What We Are Accomplishing

Local churches, not-for-profits, businesses and foundations create the network that DCIC works in and through. The DCIC connects people to people, people to churches, people to resources and people to Christ.

Today, the DCIC ministers to approximately 7% of DeKalb Country children ages five through fourteen. Although the primary groups to whom services are provided are children, some programs target older demographics with the goal to create a better environment for children and Youth.

Today, DCIC scrutinizes all existing and future programs and services through the lens of our mission and vision:

The DCIC responds to needs in our community with compassionate, Christ-centered programs and services. Our vision is to see all people experience fullness of life in Christ.

How We Began

The DeKalb Community Impact Corporation was born out of the community ministry of the Auburn Church of the Nazarene. This congregation began a series of ministries aimed at impacting real needs in the community. As early as 2005, the congregation realized they had begun something larger than a single congregation. They had begun a COMMUNITY ministry.

With a heart to allow God to take their investment and to broaden it into a truly community-led Christian organization, the Auburn Church of the Nazarene sponsored the start of a new 501(c)(3) corporation now known as the DeKalb Community Impact Corporation. A board of Christian business leaders was formed, a strategic plan developed, and an Executive Director hired.